Reference Implementation of End-to-End DRM/AES-128 Subsystem


Implementation Technologies

CENC/DRM/AES Protection:Azure Media Services Dynamic Encryption
PlayReady License Delivery:Azure Media Services PlayReady license delivery, Custom PlayReady license server
Widevine License Delivery:Azure Media Services Widevine license delivery, Axinom Widevine license server
FairPlay License Delivery:Azure Media Services FairPlay license delivery
AES Decryption Key Delivery:Azure Media Services key delivery service
IDP:Azure Active Directory
STS:Azure Active Directory, custom STS with either symmetric key or asymmetric key
Player API:Azure Media Player, FPS SDK
RP:Azure Web App/ASP.NET/javascript
AuthN/AuthZ API:OpenID Connect 1.0, OAuth 2.0, OWIN Security Components
Video Telemetry:Azure Media Video Telemetry solution
Offline Mode:See here for protected offline mode details
Hybrid Design:See here for hybrid DRM design

DRM/Encryption Technologies Supported:

DRM VendorDRM/EncryptionBrowsers Supported
MicrosoftPlayReadyMS Edge, IE11
GoogleWidevine (Modular)Chrome, FireFox
AES-128 Clear KeyMS Edge, IE11, Chrome, FireFox, Safari

Accounts in 3 Domains Are Supported:

Custom Azure AD tenant
MSA or
You need to login to test end-to-end scenarios of DRM/CENC with access control.