Other Tools:

Tools for DRM/SecurityTools for DRM and security-related purposes.
Microsoft Translator and Translator HubA tool to test Microsoft Translator and Translator Hub. It is implemented using Microsoft Translator REST API from Azure.
Client Analytics for Azure Media Test ToolPlayer Analytics via Azure Application Insights and PowerBI. See here for details.
PlayReady license servers
Linear TV Key Rotation and BlackoutComplete setup on Azure VM with controller tool. For detailed documentation of the implementation, see my document in PlayReady Server 3.0 SDK DocPack Technical Article section.
JW PlayerA JW player for test.
Silverlight PlayerA test player based on SMF for comparison test. It honors PlayReady Output Protection enablers while UWP does not.
HLS and HDS PlayersBased on Adobe TVSDK, used for NBC scenario test.
Cognitive ServicesThe outputs of Cognitive Services (JSON data) is correlated to video timecode and data filtering can be performed based on confidence level.
SSAI toolsSee Ad Signaling for the 3 tools for SSAI