OTT POC on Azure

1. Open Content

Free content, without DRM protection. Hybrid workflow: on-prem encoding and in-cloud dynamux.





Ad supported content with DRM protection





Content under DRM protection for paid subscribers, with subscription status check. See CENC with Multi-DRM and Access Control: A Reference Design and Implementation on Azure and Azure Media Services - William's document in Azure Documentation Center.

Subscribers must sign in to play SVOD content.

4. Live

Unprotected live channel

Channel 1 (DVR)

Channel 1 (Archive)

Channel 1 (Speed)

5. Audience Analytics/Video Telemetry

Audience analytics collected, processed and stored in Azure. Viewed via Power BI and advanced query via Kusto Query Language

6: VR/360 Streaming

Click on video to enter mouse-control-view-angle mode。Hit ESC to exit。Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge. See this blog.

NAB Live Archive (8 Hours)

Dragster (4K)

Ultralight Flight

7. Ad Insertion for VOD

For live, client side ad insertion is supported. Here is the client side Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) for live flow diagram. For VOD, Azure Media Player supports pre-, mid- and post-rolls.

SCTE-35 ad markers for live.

Ads for VOD: pre- and mid-rolls.

Ads for VOD: pre- and mid-rolls.

8. Dolby Digital Plus - DD+

Microsoft Edge is the first browser to include support for Dolby Digital Plus. Use Microsoft Edge to experience DD+. Other browsers do not yet support DD+.

ABR with Dolby Digital Plus audio track

Dolby Audio Experience demo

Dolby Audio Experience demo

9. Cognitive Services/Media Analytics/Video Indexer

Cognitive Services, Media Analytics in Azure Media Services and Video Indexer.

10. REST API in addition to .NET SDK

REST API is available for Azure AD authentication and Azure Media Services access, for developers using non-.NET/C# languages.

11. Hybrid DRM Subsystem

License server is outside AMS

DRM encryption is outside AMS

Both DRM encryption and license
server are outside of AMS

12. Captions and Subtitles

WebVTT through either captions or subtitles is supported in AMP.

Nightly News
(subtitles and captions)

Skype commercial (captions)

Tears of Steel (subtitles)

13. Audio Switching of Same Codec Multi-Audio Content

Multi-audio stream support.

Elephants Dream


Audio-only MP3
(source type: audio/mp3)

14. Custom STS and FPS Test Player

A custom STS based on symmetric key or asymmetric key can be seen in this FPS Test Player based on Apple's FPS SDK. To test FairPlay protected content, you need to use Safari on OS X.

15. AES-128 Encryption

AES-128 clear key encryption is supported.

Late Night
(No JWT/DASH/HLS/Smooth)
If logged in, set
protectionInfo.type to AES

Late Night
Need to login and set
protectionInfo.type to AES

Nightly News
(JWT-Symmetric Key)
Custom STS (below)

Custom Secure Token Service (STS) with symmetric key: JWT token issue URL:

16. Azure Active Directory and Azure Media Services

Azure AD serves as the Identity Provider for Azure Media Services. It also serves as as both IDP and STS for the client app.

17. Thumbnail Image for Video Preview

This uses Google's WebP format. Among desktop browsers, Google Chrome, Opera and Pale Moon natively support WebP while Mozilla has announced plans to implement WebP natively in Firefox. Mobile support is limited to the native Android browser and Chrome for Android.

For browser distribution (Chrome in particular) in accessing this site, please see its user analytics Power BI dashboard (scroll to page 4). The data is refreshed daily.

WebP support required
Video preview (5 seconds, if supported)

18. Video Discovery through Enriched Metadata

Video Discovery can be enabled via rich metadata through a search engine. Video metadata could be from multiple sources: Cognitive Services/Video AI, EPG, manual processes and/or social media.

19. Video Players

Video players based on different SDKs.

Azure Media Test Tool Media Player API
JW Player Player SDK
HLS Player TVSDK (Primetime SDK)
FPS Test Tool FPS Server SDK
Silverlight Player Media Framework (SMF)
OSMF Player Streaming Plugin for OSMF

20. Content Replication across Azure Regions

The performance of replicating content across intra-Azure network.

21. Translation

Microsoft Translator, part of Azure Cognitive Services, has both Microsoft Translator Text API and Microsoft Translator Speech API.